Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scenes of Ashley & Justin's Wedding, September 27, 2009

Howard & Gay Nell
Amanda and Kyle marching out

The wedding party

Karen, Ashley, Justin, & Amanda

Karen, Ashley, Justin, & Amanda
Barbara and her Grandson Grayson

Marching out, Jacob leading the way

Darleen, Karen, Naomi & Hugh

Darleen and Karen

Ashley & Aunt Darleen
Howard, Debbie & Bobby

Howard, Gay Nell, Ruby & Delbert

Justin and his parents

Naomi & Ruby

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everyone catching up on the family members.
Delbert Johnson and Gene Simpson relaxing.

Sally Damron (standing), Debbie and Bobby Corley, Ruby Johnson, Gene and Jeanette Simpson.

Sydni Ashley, Barbara and Sammy's grand-daughter. (Lisa's daughter)

Sharie Bishop, Barbara and Sammy's daughter.

Joe Kee, Charlie and Brenda May in background. Sally Damron talks to Josephine and Hobart Roberts in the foreground. Josephine is the daughter of Vivan Kee, who was a son of William Joseph Kee, a son of William Riley Kee/Key.
Hiram Maynard, Jerry Key, Sally Damron, Vince Wooten and Earnest Maynard.

Lisa Ashley, Sammy Bishop, and Amy Doss. (Lisa and Amy are Sammy's daughters.)

Norma Key, wife of Charles Key.

Linda Jarret is the daughter of Charles and Norma Key. (Her husband Robert is there, but didn't get in pictures.)

He is here!!! Meet Grayson Samuel Doss, son of Amy & James Doss....Grandson of Sammy & Barbara Bishop. ( 8 lbs, 10 oz, 20 1/2 Inches long)
Karen Key Newsom and her daughters; Amanda and Ashley.

Karen and Michelle Key. Michelle is Hugh Key's wife.

Karen is the daughter of Howard Key.

Carol and Jerry Key from Parsons, Tn. Jerry is the son of Fred Key, son of Venable Key the son of William Riley Key.

James Doss, Lisa Ashley, Sammy Bishop Amy Doss and Bobby Corley.
(James and Amy will be new parents any day)

Jacob Key, Hugh's son.

Joe Key and Leon Key. Joe is Sidney Key's son (son of Andrew Jackson Key, son of William Riley Key. Leon is the youngest son of Venable C. Key, son of William Riley Key.

Hugh Key, son of Howard Key, grandson of Fred, Great grandson of Venable, Great-Great grandson of William Riley Key.

Howard and Henry Leon Key.....Leon is Howard's Uncle.
David, Vince and Garry Wooten.....three of Pearlie's sons.

Crystal Key...Hugh's daughter. She came down from Wiscousin to be with family.

This is during early arrival time....Everyone is mingling.

Debbie Corley, Ruby Johnson and Barbara Bishop getting dinner ready to serve.

Anne and David Wooten
Everyone getting ready for our meal...

Barbara Bishop with her daughter Amy and son-in-law James Doss!

Sammy and Barbara Bishop

Ashley, Amanda, and Justin

Where's everybody at??

They didn't eat and run did they?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kee/Key Reunion 2001 at Shelby Park, Memphis, Tennessee!

Pearlie and Delbert among the early arrivals at the 2001 reunion at Shelby Park in Memphis.
Hugh, Michele and Amanda relaxing in the shelter.